THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE: Our Entire Collection

THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE: Our Entire Collection

Save money and get all eight videos in the Training Series, plus two bonus features.

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THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE: Our Entire Collection
  • Bonsai 101: An Introduction to Bonsai

    Join Boon Manakitivipart, as he guides you though the information you need to maintain a healthy bonsai tree.

  • Repotting: Japanese Black Pine

    One of the most important steps to a healthy bonsai is repotting. In this detailed and comprehensive DVD, international award-winner Boon Manakitivipart repots a 50-year old Japanese Black Pine. Follow along with him as he demonstrates stepby-step how to successfully repot a bonsai.

  • Decandling: Japanese Black Pine

    Control the length of the needles. Stimulate new growth.

  • Wiring and Styling: Japanese Black Pine

    Wiring is essential to creating bonsai that reflect your skill and effort. When you wire, you do more than just train a bonsai; you also open up the interior to get more light, thereby stimulating new growth. This easy-to-follow DVD set will improve your skills, and help you produce extraordinary...

  • Wiring Essentials

    Boon demonstrates the basics of six wiring techniques on bare Japanese Maple branches.

  • Fall Maintenance: Japanese Black Pine

    This DVD features Boon Manakitivipart teaching the techniques of Fall Maintenance on two Japanese Black Pines. The process is key to creating professional, show-quality bonsai. Using the techniques demonstrated here, you can learn how to control next season’s growth.

  • Repotting Decidous Trees

    This video features world-renowned bonsai master, Boon Manakitivipart, as he repots a nursery-stock Japanese Maple.

  • Japanese Maple

    Learn bonsai techniques for your maples by watching a professional at work.

  • Maple Varietals

    Boon introduces a few of his favorite Japanese Maple varietals.

  • Scale Juniper

    Needle-pulling, cleaning, shaping, pruning, wiring and creating deadwood.

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